Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tailgate Recap

Our tailgate for the FSU-Boston College noon game was a big success! (see my preview here) It turns out that hosting a party in the (early) morning doesn't stop people from attending. Who knew? The other good news was that FSU won the game 24-19. 
A big group photo, thanks to Harley!
Sunrise cornhole (thanks Harley for the photo)
The food and drinks area (also thanks to Harley!).
Coach Waesche thanks Chris for agreeing to be the Faculty Advisor to the men's lacrosse team.
Here's what we learned (preparation wise). Bruegger's really came through for us with the coffee, bagels, cream cheese, etc. Thank you to Janeen and her staff at the Carriage Gate store! In items we prepared ourselves, the muffins were a big hit. We could have had more orange juice and less tomato juice. The sparkling wine we used for the mimosas was a hit too - thank you to the great staff at the Market Square location of Market Square Liquors for their recommendation. We're looking forward to next year's tailgate and talking menu already!

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