Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taking You Back...

... to the sunny Friday morning in Cleveland fifteen years ago today when Chris and I got married. We took our families and went to the Justice of the Peace (which was on the 13th floor of the Justice Center, to go along with it being Friday the 13th (can you tell we're not superstitious at all?).

The very sweet elderly judge who performed the ceremony had us promise to love and respect each other; to recognize each other as persons; and to share in each other's triumphs as is they were our own. So far so good. :)

After the ceremony we had a nice lunch at the Terrace Club at Jacob's Field (now Progressive Field) and then went on a short honeymoon - one night in Niagara Falls followed by a few nights at the Elora Inn in rural Ontario. A week later our parents threw a huge party at my parents' house for us. We had a fun casual day/evening/night of food, beer, a bonfire and an Indians play-off game. 

Not the best photo but here we are at our wedding lunch.
We stayed in a honeymoon suite in Niagara Falls, complete with a heart-shaped hot tub and a round bed with a round mirror on the ceiling above it! Of course we had to have a photo!
Photo from the window of the bed and breakfast and microbrewery where we stayed after Niagara.
View of the Inn from down river.
Happy Anniversary, honey! Love you!


  1. Ohhh....Happy Anniversary to my favorite hyphenated couple! <3 Kenni

  2. thanks friends. we are happy to be happy together :)


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