Monday, May 9, 2011

Congrats Team Data Driven!

All the way back in September, I posted about a race Chris and some friends wanted to run in California (see post here). They were undeterred by the semi-scary video I found of The Relay on youtube, trained for many long months and successfully completed the April 30/May 1 event in 34 hours.

Not only did they run the whole race faster than they expected, they also were one of the top fundraisers - bringing in over $3400 for organ donation! Way to go guys!!

Here are some photos from the weekend - check out their team blog chronicling the event: Data Driven.

gorgeous scenery along the route


Chris at the start of one of his 3 legs

more beautiful scenery

getting their medals at the finish line!

Thanks Sara for taking and posting so many great photos along the way (while also running and navigating!!).

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  1. SO COOL!!!!!!!! Congrats to the entire team!


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