Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kentucky Derby Gala Recap

Even though I didn't take any photos myself, I thought I'd recap one of our favorite annual events: the Leon Advocacy & Resource Center "LARC" Kentucky Derby Gala. See the photographer's photos of the event and of us from the Gala here. The group picture there is of us with our friends Bruce, Jeanine, Mike and Maureen.
As it sounds, the event centers around the Derby and all things Kentucky. We started out with complimentary mint juleps and the chance to choose our favorite horses. $5 a ticket (or 3/$10) lets you place your "bet" on any of the horses in the field - your ticket goes into a box with the number of your horse and then after the race, a raffle winner is pulled from that horse's box. For the winning horse this year the raffle winner received an all-expenses paid weekend in Panama City; the "Place Horse" raffle winner took home a weekend at Wild Adventures in Valdosta; and the Show Horse winner got a $200 gift certificate to Gem Collection. 

Usually we do a pretty good job of choosing the winners but this year we were almost completely out of the running, having only one horse show. After the big drawing, all the tickets go into one barrel from which door prizes are pulled all evening. We ended up with a nice stash of goodies, including $25 to Applebee's, $25 to Quarter Moon Imports and $25 to Wharf Express on North Monroe.

They served a buffet dinner of Kentucky favorites (biscuits, grits, top round, chicken, it was all really good) along with homemade desserts. Dancing this time was not to the Tallahassee Swing Band but to the Dan Cole Band which was geared toward a younger (as in 80s music instead of 40s music) crowd. Chris and I had a ball dancing - so much so that the woman in charge of door prizes gave us an extra gift card for never leaving the dance floor! (Thank you!) The music was a little random (Tom Petty, Steve Miller Band, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash (I was surprised to find that you can dance to Folsom Prison Blues)) but the band played really well. 

Leon ARC is a great cause: "a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit who has served people with disabilities for over 50 years. Our mission is to provide services and supports to enhance the efforts of our community in creating a place where all persons are valued and contributing citizens. Our purpose is to end the segregation and de-valuing of persons with developmental and other disabilities by helping them live, work, and fully participate in their community." All in all it was a great evening with good friends and good fun!

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  1. Maybe we need to change his name from "Don" to "Twinkle toes".......XOXO Kenni


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