Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ohio Tough Mudder 2012 Report Part 2

Today's photos focus on the variety and abundance of mud at the Tough Mudder last weekend in Amherst, Ohio. After the pictures I'll share a few tips from hubs on items that helped him in the event. These photos are all from the official Tough Mudder facebook page.

clay mud 

deeper mud

 running through smoke

trail mud

more trail mud (with hidden deep spots)

"sucking mud" at the finish line (or where shoes are left behind)

Tips: Hubs was happy with his decision to wear cargo shorts for the Mudder. In his pocket (that snapped shut), he had a pair of goggles, for the swimming portions, and a waterproof flashlight, for the closed tunnels he had heard might be really dark. He also wore these gloves that I bought him for yard work and said they did a great job protecting his hands. 

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