Monday, December 16, 2013

Cookie Party 2013 Recap

Some of the cookies!
Great fun and laughter at our annual holiday cookie party Friday! I made an effort to take more photos this year - enjoy!

Abe made a sushi Christmas tree!
Here I am fully outfitted by my Mom - including apron, earrings and tree shaped spatula!
(Thanks photographer Tara!)

Amazing 3-D star castle tree by Sarah K and Abe
Showing off our creations (above and below)

This year we had 21 guests plus the three of us for a total of 24. For the cookies, as usual, I made two batches of White Velvet Cutouts, one of Sour Cream Sugar Cookies and 2 of Cut Butter Cookies (these are best of building cookie structures). We had two soups - a quadruple batch of Cheddar Chicken Chowder and a gallon of Tomato Bisque (from Publix). We also have Publix to thank for a small tray of vegetarian finger sandwiches (egg salad and pimento cheese salad). Sloppy Joes completed the menu. This year we made 5 pounds of meat - 3 pounds ground beef and 2 pounds ground turkey with 4 cans of regular Manwich and one of Bold. We had plenty of leftovers of everything to send home with guests. :)

Thanks to everyone who came out and made our evening so much fun!

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