Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Red, White and Brie

A little recap of Britain's 30th birthday party!! The party was last Saturday. Thanks, Ashley and Will for hosting, and thanks Jenn (and Sue and Scottie) for the great theme. We tasted a variety of wines and noshed on some really yummy goodies! Ashley made a great cranberry punch, too, that was a huge hit. Happy Birthday, B!
how cute is the birthday girl in her Elton John glasses? 
wine tasting! these are the reds
one of my favorites
delicious sashimi and love the wasabi 30. 
carrot cake - B's favorite
sorry, B, couldn't resist :)
love the star decorations for the cake (Jenn rocks)
 Many happy returns my friend!!


  1. OMG thanks for posting photos.. i love love it and thanks for coming.. cant wait for cookie partyon friday!!

    ps im going to repost some on my blog for my family

  2. Amy was this in your new kitchen? I want to see a close up of your chandlier! :)

  3. H, the party was at Will and Ashley's house - I think the chandelier is from - will try to get a link :)

  4. Does this look like it?


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