Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun Gift for Your Favorite NumberHead

Last week etsy devoted one of their daily email updates to all things geeky. There were a lot of cute things, but I just love these distribution plushies. They would be great gifts for your favorite methodologist, statistician, researcher or graduate student who aspires to be any of the above.

from the description:
Light Green Standard Normal Distribution
Baby Blue t Distribution
Light Yellow Chi-Square Distribution
Light Pink Log Normal Distribution
Lilac Continuous Uniform Distribution
Tan Weibull Distribution
Olive Green Cauchy Distribution
Slate Blue Poisson Distribution
Maroon Gumbel Distribution
Gray Erlang Distribution
Plushies are approximately 10" wide by 6.5" tall, but do vary from distribution to distribution.
Check out everything in Nicole's cute "uber-nerd" etsy shop at Nausicaa Distribution

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