Tuesday, July 26, 2011

South River Vineyard

We made our first visit to South River Vineyard during our July trip to Ohio. I had heard of it but didn't realize it was so close by. We had a great time here - really enjoyed the setting and the wine as well. The tasting room is in an old church that was relocated from Shalersville:

Behind the church there are two pavilions. Here's the view from the first larger, fancier one of the second "rustic" one.

A glass of wine in the sunshine... my favorite was the Temptation, a blush that was peachy-pink in color.

... but don't take the glass home with you (unless you pay for it)!

The weather could not have been more gorgeous - it was early evening and in the mid-70s. They don't serve food but you can bring your own picnic. 

The owner lit a fire later in the rustic pavilion. Wouldn't this be fun in the fall? It was lovely even in the summer. And I love the arts and crafts light fixtures (upper right corner).

South River Vineyard
6062 South River Rd.
Geneva, OH 44041

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