Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Recapping T's Birthday/Schotz's Big Bite Take 3

For T's birthday, July 24th, we did Schotz's Big Bite Take 3 (Schotz's Big Bite here, SBB Take 2 here) with the Guy's Big Bite episode "Boardwalk Wieners." We made hot dogs (wieners Rhode Island style), onion rings, peach cobbler, and T got a special present from Heather, his babysitter.

We started by slicing two onions (Texas Sweets) in buttermilk for an hour:

Next we made the chili...

... made the peach cobbler filling...

... and got ready to fry the onions. Seasoned flour is in the big pan, beer batter in the smaller one (we used Sweetwater 420 for the batter). 

Making the onion rings:

We boiled the hot dogs, steamed the buns and assembled the Boardwalk Weiners. Final product:

Baking the cobbler:

The whole dinner was a big success. T especially liked the onion rings (so much so that we didn't get a photo of the finished product!). The icing on the cake was this adorable "cookie T" that Heather made him:
Happy birthday T!

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