Sunday, August 7, 2011

Terminal Tower Observation Deck

Saturday, T, Gram and I visited the Observation Deck on the 42nd floor of the Terminal Tower in downtown Cleveland.
Photo from All Things Cleveland of the Tower, taken from the Cuyahoga River

The Observation Deck is open Saturdays and Sundays from mid-April til mid-December on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Tickets are $5 per person and can be purchased online at (with a small credit fee per ticket) or at the Guest Services desk in Tower City (cash only). We parked in the underground garage at the corner of W 6th and Superior - from the P2 level our elevator came out right in the lobby of the Tower. (Just be careful because many of the spots are marked reserved.)

We were really happy that the weather held (there was a 60% chance of rain). Here are our pictures from the Observation Deck: 
Looking to the north: Browns Stadium and Lake Erie; Key Building on the right.

close up of the wind turbine in front of the Great Lakes Science Center.

Cuyahoga River

Looking northwest. The dots in the lake are two lighthouses.

Zooming in on the lighthouses.

Looking down at Public Square.

The Observation Deck opened in spring 2010 after being closed for years. It's been restored to its original 1920s decor. One of the nice features is that at each of the windows there is a photo with major landmarks labeled so you know just what you're looking at. The whole building is beautiful. 

Compass on the floor of the observation deck area

lobby elevator doors

The staff told us visiting in December you can see all the holiday lights and decorations... so maybe we'll have to go back up!


  1. You and I were in the SAME TOWN on the SAME Day and didn't even know it! We were in Cleveland over the wekend for Tony's grandmas funeral in Slavic village. Afterwards, several of us headed downtown to see what was going on. I though about Terminal Tower from pics that Terri posted a while back. We ended up going to the Browns Family Day (FREE!!!!) to see the team practice (I'm sure you can see me waving from the stadium in the first pic :)). We went to the RnR HOF gift shop and then to Progressive field.

  2. That's crazy, Kendra! We saw all the (tiny) people going into the Stadium and wondered what was going on! We took East Ninth to Rt 2 to head back to Mom's - we probably drove right by you as well.

    I hope the funeral went well (sorry for your recent losses, hugs to Tony for his grandma) and that your sightseeing was fun!


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