Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Food Truck Thursday Night Out

Two Thursdays ago, I met up with our localtarian friends for dinner and fun at Food Truck Thursday. If you haven't been, it's lots of fun! We went for the first time when Mom was in town in October and almost couldn't stop ourselves from trying everything.

This time, my goal was to try a few of the places I missed in the fall. The area where the trucks gather has a nice shady section in the middle with big trees and lots of spaces for chairs, picnic blankets, etc.
These pictures (above and below) from the FTT facebook page gives an idea of the space.

Food Truck Thursday turned out to be an ideal place for a large group of friends to meet - it was easy to mingle and get to talk to everyone. I apologize for not getting pictures of everyone but I'll make up for it with lots of food photos:
my dinner - combo 10 from Lasang Pinoy Philippine Cuisine - was a great choice, lots of different flavors, textures and levels of spiciness, all of it delicious.

Chicken and waffles (Red Velvet waffles to be exact) from Cravings Truck were a big hit. These are Marc's but several of us ordered and enjoyed them. 

Sara's Shepherd's Pie burrito from Street Chefs was also popular.

I enjoyed a Pan-Asian fish taco from MoBi (even though it took them a long time to make it!). I thought it was even better than their fun southern taco which has bbq pulled pork and macaroni and cheese on it. 

 Bill and Wayne (and others?) had pizzas from the Fired Up Truck. I had them last time and they are amazing. You can't beat a truck that has a wood-fired pizza oven!! Photo from FTT.

I was too full for dessert but some of us enjoyed treats from Big Easy Snow Balls (if yours is too sweet, just ask and they'll add more ice) and Lucy and Leo's Cupcakery. It was another great evening with friends! We liked it so much, we might go back in April.

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