Friday, April 20, 2012

Family History Friday

Sunday's episode of Finding Your Roots (which you can watch in its entirety above) focused on the ways religion and family are connected with the thesis, illustrated by three families, that your religious values are inherited from your parents and ancestors. Many people have a lot of consistency in their roots with a single religion practiced. My family takes a few steps off this path: of my 8 great grandparents, 5 were Catholic, 2 Protestant and 1 (potentially) Jewish. When my mother's parents married in 1934, my Irish Catholic grandmother and Episcopal grandfather agreed to raise any daughters they had Catholic and any sons Episcopalian. Sounds more like the 1970s than the 1930s, right? I'm hoping to learn more about my Slovak Jewish great grandmother, Maria Kohan, who was born in 1877. Did she convert? Her daughters were baptized (we have copies of the certificates, in Latin, from the local church). I'll post more details as they unfold, and hope you'll share your thoughts on this episode of Finding Your Roots!

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