Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone is having a great Halloween weekend! Here are some of our favorite decorations from the neighborhood!
T loves this Frankenstein at the end of our street!
We think this spider is supposed to be Aragog, the giant spider from the Harry Potter books.
This house is a favorite because their inflatables are almost always plugged in. Also they have a Sassy A (the cat).
Part of the display at a house on Dungarvan that has gone all out for Halloween.
More from the house on Dungarvan.
I like the banners above this front door. We could do something like this on our porch.
One of T's favorites.
Our neighbors at the corner of Forsythe do a great job decorating for holidays. The motorcycle ghouls are at the graveyard races.
Happy Halloween!

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