Friday, October 29, 2010

Spooktacular Recap

T and I had a great day celebrating Halloween a little early. Here is our photo report:
T thought the man at the top center (near the flag) looked like he was dressed as Professor Quirrell from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
All the musicians at the concert this morning dressed in costume (see above), and the music was as good as advertised. They played the theme from Disney's Phantasia, two brief classical pieces, then several popular songs - Monster Mash (with a vocalist), Thriller (with the audience providing the vocals), and Ghostbusters (again with BIG audience participation). T was worried they wouldn't play anything from Harry Potter, but TSO did not disappoint, performing a great medley from the films.
"Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!" The kids loved singing along.
Abby didn't sit with us for the concert but she did come over to visit with us while we waited for the buses to come pick us up.
Love Lexi's Halloween costume.
After the concert, we went back to school for class Halloween parties. The home room parent for T's class went all out! It was an extravaganza. 
Cheesenstein! A big (delicious!) cheese ball with black olives for hair, mouth, nose and eyebrows; cucumbers for his eyes.
Taco dip scarecrow. Also yummy. 
Worms! Hot dogs cut into strips length-wise. Pretty clever, huh? 
Spooky punch on a darling punch table.
Mummies! Cocktail weiners wrapped in crescent dough, with mustard dots for eyes. The kids loved these!
Macaroni and cheese (with gummy worms garnishing the edges), veggies with dip, and friendship mix completed lunch. For dessert, the kids decorated sugar cookies and dipped fruit and marshmallows into a chocolate fountain! (I mentioned this was an extravaganza, right?) It was a great party and a great day for both of us.

We're looking forward to sharing one more Halloween post on Sunday: pictures of some of our favorite decorations from neighbors' and friends' yards.


  1. Wow! Does the room mother pay for all of that too? I never remember having anything like that for school (or going on that many field trips). I will have to ask my mom since I have the worst memory ever. Do all the schools get to do this? i.e. were other schools at the performance? I'm thankful the schools have money to do some learning and fun extracurricular events

  2. The room mom took donations from the other families in class (T and I provided several of the ingredients for the friendship mix; others could shop or contribute money).

    The kids at DTES all pay an activity fee. It's $35 this year (varies by grade) and covers the cost of in-town field trips, the end of the year party and other extras. The whole auditorium was filled with kids on Friday for the concert. There were grants available to cover the ticket cost for Title I schools. And as a chaperon, I paid for my own ticket.

    Having said all that, the Halloween party Friday afternoon was the most extravagant I have seen! T is lucky to have such a generous parent working with his class!

  3. I love that you responded to my blog post :) Thanks

  4. This is the most elaborate spread I've ever seen! And it all looks so yummy AND perfectly themed. I'm going to remember these ideas for future Halloween parties!! Thanks :)


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