Monday, February 13, 2012

Panhellenic Cookies for 2012

Every year I bake cookies for the Tallahassee Alumnae Panhellenic Scholarship Luncheon Silent Auction. This year's turned out really cute. I used a new technique that worked well - instead of royal icing I bought white fondant. It's icing that you roll out instead of spreading on. After rolling it out, I used the same cookie cutters I used to make the cookies which gave the icing a nice perfect edge.

I wrote on them using Foodwriter markers - easy!

The fondant is easy to tint with food color - I used plain white and pink for the hearts and colored some yellow for the lyres.

Last year, I made Greek letter cookies and had trouble with them being fragile so I switched doughs for this year (from White Velvet Cutouts to Cut Butter Cookies) and then I couldn't find the letter cutters. I know the fondant icing will work great on them - next year? or next Panhellenic event? Hearts were great for this event since it's almost Valentine's Day. 

(See also 2011 and 2010 and 2009 cookies... that's as far back as the blog goes, not the baking!)


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Amy! LOVE the lyre cookies. So crisp looking with the fondant. -Erin

  2. So glad you liked them, Erin! When I came to the blog to reply to your comment, the first photo was not working. I fixed it but hopefully it wasn't non-functional long!

  3. Lovely! But stupid did you get the fondant to "stick" to the cookie? I've used fondant very little - on a cake.

  4. Not a stupid question at all Kendra - I should have included that. I was worried the fondant wouldn't stick to the cookies so I made a thin royal icing (just powdered sugar and water) as "glue." I painted it on each cookie (with a basting brush) right before putting the fondant on. I did a couple cookies at a time so the "glue" didn't have a chance to dry out.


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