Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Inspired by Alpha Chi Omega Convention: Consultant Love

Welcome to the ninth post in the "Inspired by Alpha Chi Omega Convention" series!

One of the best parts of my national service to Alpha Chi Omega over the last year has been getting to spend time with the amazing young women who serve Alpha Chi Omega as Chapter and Resident Consultants. In May 2011, Anne, Jennifer and Laura (at left) and I spent a weekend together assisting with Recruitment Training in Atlanta. Even though they had just been hired and had not had any training prior to arriving, each of them had valuable insights during the one-on-one meetings we had with chapter Recruitment teams and advisors. We spent so much time together that weekend that I teased them that we were attached at the hip!

In August, they went off on their travels: Jennifer to prepare for the new colony at High Point University; Anne to visit all of our Texas chapters and Laura to travel to the rest of Southeast. We were lucky to have Laura come see us three times at FSU, and I enjoyed every minute I spent at Texas Exec Board training in February with Anne. During our time together in Arlington, we held one-on-one meetings with all thirteen chapters and led a Recruitment Workshop. It was great to be attached at the hip again! I was really excited when I learned that all three of "my" region's Consultants would return for a second year.

There are always lots of things to look forward to at Convention but this year I had the excitement of being reunited with this year's Consultants and meeting the new ones. We had our reunion Friday morning bright and early when Jen D and I, representing the NPC Team, trained the whole Consultant team on all things Panhellenic. Throughout Convention, we had chances to spend time together and bond.

In addition to being super smart and beautiful inside and out, the Consultants are fun!
Here they are making lyres and letters under the Arch.

Here they are in dresses Past National Presidents wore to previous Conventions for the Walk of Memory.

Team Region 2 at the Final Banquet 

Each time I spend time with these women, whether it's on the phone, by email, or in person, I come away impressed by their intelligence, ability to assess situations, and the way they apply their excellent people skills to help chapters and individual sisters reach their goals. I'm inspired by these young women because they devote themselves to Alpha Chi Omega - changing lives one visit and one sister at a time. I look forward to working with them this year. Safe travels, friends, and thank you!

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  1. Nice piece, Amy. And a great group of women!

  2. If you want to be inspired about AXO and her future, just talk to the consultant that visits your local collegiate chapter each year (each chapter receives at least one visit). Better yet, offer to take the consultant to lunch or dinner - they LOVE to meet local alumnae and advisors and have a break away from campuses. These women are living WDA and are advancing the future of Alpha Chi Omega and her values. They WILL make you *excited* for our Fraternity and the Real. women who share your Bond.

  3. Jennifer, what a wonderful comment! I hope everyone reads it and takes it to heart. One of my favorite things is when we take our Consultant out for dinner or lunch and get to know her as a fellow alumna. LITB!


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