Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Inspired by Alpha Chi Omega Convention

I am inspired by my Twitter sisters!
I always come home from Alpha Chi Omega Convention feeling inspired but this time feels different to me - somehow more deeply inspiring on many levels. Instead of giving a day-by-day report on Convention and the events we enjoyed, I plan to share some of the moments, people and events that inspired me the most.

In making this plan, it occurred to me that sisters have different perspectives than I have and that it would be fun to hear what inspired them. If you were at Alpha Chi Omega Convention in St. Louis and have an inspirational moment to share, you are invited to write a guest blog post for this series!

If a post of your own sounds intimidating, we could chat about your inspiring moment and then use our interview as the basis for an article.

Because there is so much to reflect on post-Convention and because it is fun to keep that Convention glow going for awhile, my tentative plan is to post one or two "Inspired by Convention" post a week for the next several weeks (give or take depending on how many guest posts are written).

Ideally, the posts will focus on a single event, moment or person and go into specifics about how that event, moment or person inspired the author. For some, there will be take home messages/lessons - the key points that stick with us and perhaps change our thinking or behavior.

Comment below with your thoughts, or tweet or email me!

Update 8/16/2012:
Eight Inspired by Alpha Chi Convention posts are now available (click title to view):
Changing Perspectives, Changing the Conversation
Inspired by "Time to Represent the Real Me"
Inspired by Alumnae Initiation
Inspired by Melissa d'Arabian
Inspired by Wisdom, Devotion & Achievement Part 1
Inspired by Wisdom, Devotion & Achievement Part 2
Inspired by Wisdom, Devotion & Achievement Part 3
Inspired by #YOLO: What Is Your Legacy?
Inspired by Chapter Consultants


  1. Really, just one? I am rather long winded (to make a short story long, just ask JSBH) :)

    If I had to pick one, I'd go with Alumnae Initiation. What an amazing event that encompasses all we are as Alpha Chi Omega women. It renews our bonds, extends the bonds to other Real. Strong. Women. allows us to sing (love that!) and gives you a happy glow.

    I love the amazing, "I'm bursting inside with WDA!" that comes from Convention!

  2. I'd love to write a post (or be interviewed)! It really is hard to pick just one inspiring moment. My inspiration started the morning before I even got on the plane to St. Louis and didn't stop until I got on the plane to leave! Everything about this Convention made it my favorite one yet.

    If I have to pick just one, I would say Melissa d'Arabian's talk at the NHC lunch was my favorite inspirational moment. It just really hit home with me and I was able to relate to what she was saying.


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