Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thinking Aloud about Rugs for the Kitchen

Not entirely sure exactly where we'll need/want rugs in the kitchen but here are some I like.

I like the colors in this one from and at 8x10 it's probably big enough to go under the table but it has a 1/2 inch pile so it might be harder to clean. It also comes in a 5x8 size so it might be good for a side area

This rug is in a similar color palette (also from Overstock):

For inside the back doors and in front of the refrigerator, we need heavy duty rugs that can stand getting wet (and dirty, especially coming in from outside). Here are some indoor/outdoor options:

This one comes in a set of three 2'4x4'4 rugs (and also in a little bit larger size 3'6x5'6)

This set is the little sister of the set above:

This 3'11x5'7 rug is a little more subdued but I like the pattern:

This one has lots of pattern and is (although it doesn't look it) also indoor/outdoor. It's 3'x5'

What do you think?

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  1. we use indoor/outdoor carpets in the family room (a round one under the square coffee table; an entry one and a runner one), and we love their durability. they make so many lovely colors and styles now; for a busy family (with messy "boy" shoes - lol) it is a great option!


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