Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who Are Your Stars?

I'm looking forward to Alpha Chi Omega Convention in July and one of the reasons is the Star Booth. If you're not familiar with Star Booth, learn more about it from my post last week.

I love giving stars. It's just such a great way to tell someone how much they mean to you. Here are some of the women I honor with stars:

First (always first), Sus and I buy stars for the wonderful woman who was our Chapter Advisor when we were collegians. Barb was Pledge Advisor when I joined the sorority, and then became CA. She took me on my first AXO road trip (to Denison, where her chapter (Delta Xi) was recolonizing). She took us to our first alumnae meetings, and to our first Founders' Days. She thought nothing of preparing a meal for the Exec Board, or dessert for the entire chapter. It is because of her influence that we are active alumnae.

Next, I like to make the collegians from my chapters (my home chapter Zeta Upsilon, CWRU and my adopted chapter in Tallahassee, Beta Eta, FSU) feel welcome. It'll be their first Convention, and nothing says "I'm glad you're here" like a star! Candace, Chelsea, and Liz, I'm looking forward to seeing you and your chapter advisors, Amy B. and Britain!

I have two people to thank for all the help they give me and my alumnae chapters during the year: Megan H, Assistant Director of Lifetime Engagement at Alpha Chi Omega National Headquarters keeps us all informed and answers thousands of queries and questions; and Sylvia, our outgoing Province Alumnae Chair, has provided five years of on-point guidance, friendship and support.

Who would you honor with a star? It's easy to order them, right online! I hope you'll do it today!


  1. Thanks B for your star booth post http://ht.ly/1KsPs and for honoring me with a star!! xoxo

  2. your blinking star is WAY too cute. PT <3

  3. I gave 20 stars ... I wish I could have given 50 stars, but I am not a baller like that (LOL). I think it is super important to 1) recognize collegians so they feel important and understand the importance of remaining connected to "big AXO" 2) alumnae who helped/nutured you in your "AXO career" 3) your buds, aka "your besties" 4) your little and big sisters 5) a sister you want to recognize who is just AWESOME! I <3 stars!


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