Friday, May 7, 2010

Half Way to Cooking with Gas

I feel like I should be singing Bon Jovi... I'll include them at the end, because we are half way there...

The guys came today and dug up the yard. Here's their big trailer for the equipment. They even brought sod to fix the sections of the lawn where the big holes were. First they made a deep hole out on the tree lawn (for those of you not from Cleveland, the tree lawn is that space between the sidewalk and the street).

Then they made 2 more holes just like it. This one where the front walk meets the driveway and the other where the meter will be, between the house and the driveway toward the back of the house.

They bored through the soil from hole to hole which meant we didn't have a big 4 foot deep trench through the whole yard. They were here when Thomas and I left for school at 7:45 and finished about noon. 

Next we need a meter. The pipe comes up out of the ground and is capped there. Then the gas plumber will come and run the pipes in the house and install the new cooktop! Can't wait to be "cooking with gas."

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