Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day!

A little photo tribute to my hubs and the little guy who made him a Dad

(August 1998)

(November 1998, behind the wheel of the brand new Taurus)

(February 1999, frying up a turkey in New Orleans)

(March 1999, Daddy makes everything better)

(July 1999 with Grandma)

(August 1999, Siesta Key, Florida)

(September 1999, Go Browns!)

(March 2000)

(September 2000, Corolla, North Carolina)

(November 2001, Madison, Ohio)

(November 2001, Madison, Ohio)

(November 2002, new (to us) truck

(July 2007, Cleveland Zoo)

Part 2 coming soon... time to celebrate

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