Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cabinet Doors and More Cabinet Doors

Sorry to be so long overdue with the posts. There hasn't been a lot of action in the kitchen, but we have had 2 days of cabinet door installs, today and a week ago Friday. Let's start with the first ones (all solid doors):

(To the right of the sink)

(In the baking area)

(Crown molding installed in this section)

(Left side of buffet)

(Right side of buffet)

And the second set installed today (all 8 glass doors)

(to the left of the sink, close up so you can see detail hopefully!)

(Above the wine & beer fridge)

(Left side of the buffet)

(Right side of buffet)


  1. So pretty!

    I especially like the glass doors, and the backsplash behind the sink.

  2. Thanks! I'm thrilled with how the glass doors turned out and how they really open up the space and help connect the 2 sides of the kitchen.

    Did your cabinets arrive on schedule this morning?

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