Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding Fun Recap

We had such a wonderful time Saturday at Kristen & Steve's wedding!

Marc, Chris and Chris

Nate and Tara

Steve and Kristen before cutting the cake

Singing the AXO Sweetheart Song with sisters from five chapters (including Kristen's mom and sister).

A little love from/for the Sweetheart

Britain made us these beautiful song sheets!

Everyone had fun, even the kids who rolled down the hill!

We played corn hole... in our heels!

Love these two photos with the bride!

Best wishes for much happiness to Kristen and Steve!!!


  1. Wow, Amy, that looks like fun. I envy (a bit) your sisterhood with your AXO sisters - so nice to have those bonds to share with the generations!

  2. Paula, we had so much fun. Alpha Chi has been such a blessing to me!


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