Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tremont Tap House

We had a delicious dinner with my brother and sister-in-law at Tremont Tap House in June.
photo source
Clearly we haven't visited Tremont in a long long time because we found it to be a shockingly safe-looking neighborhood. We drove under a bridge that had no graffiti anywhere on it. Spooky. (In a good way of course.) We sat at the bar while waiting for John and Gayle to arrive and loved it when they opened the big garage door type window behind the bar so we could see the patio!

Tremont Tap House
photo from flickr (click on it to see original)

the window to the bar from the outside
A view of the window to the bar from the patio - from flickr, click to see original
What a great beer list. I had a sampler of 4 beers they had on tap that I hadn't tried before (rarely does that happen, and I love to try new things!).

Also a fan of the chalkboard sampler tray!

For dinner, Chris had the Green Chili burger with a fresh egg on top. He said it was amazing. 

John and I both had the mac and cheese, his pictured here with chorizo added. It was delicious but a little heavy for the beautiful summer weather we were enjoying.

Gayle had the pan-roasted chicken with wild mushrooms.

We'd definitely recommend it - service was good, food impressive and inexpensive, beer list stellar.

2572 Scranton Rd, Cleveland 


  1. That beer on the far left looks a little like melted butter. I know it's beer, but what kind?

  2. It's the Dream Weaver from Troegs Brewery:

    The way the sun is shining on the glass might be making it look lighter/brighter than it was in real life... but it was tasty!


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