Monday, January 9, 2012

Loving Local Citrus

Our Twitter friend John, who knows about T's love of juicing fruit, invited us over so T could pick some oranges from his trees. We stopped by last Tuesday and were so impressed by John's generosity - he let T pick a whole tree clean! T is not known for doing well in new situations, but give him a good farming task, and he is right in his element. He picked so much the bag was almost full!

After all the picking (and saying, 'thank you,' he reminds me as I write this), T practically could not wait to get home and get to work.

Special juice deserves a special glass, right?
Yes, T keeps fancy glasses in the freezer for occasions like this!
In the background, more goodies from John: a grapefruit and 2 tangerines

T picked two kinds of oranges: Chinotto and navel. Chinotto is a cold-hardy variety that comes to the US from China via Italy. There is a kind of chinotto that is sour but these are pretty sweet. In the photo of the bag, the chinottos are the smaller guys, the navels the larger ones.  

We split the grapefruit for breakfast Wednesday - delicious!!
Thanks, John!

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