Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Eve Feasting

For New Year's Eve, rather than a traditional dinner, we had an evening of snacking with a variety of meats, cheeses, fruit and other goodies. Here are the highlights:
homemade pretzels (working on perfecting the recipe here)

fancy sausages and salamis and mustards 

Vermont Creamery chevre (goat cheese) with fig-walnut confit, 
Point Reyes blue cheese and a nice aged cheddar with grapes and raspberries

These are peppadews - Guy Fieri loves them so we had to try them! Spicy and sweet at the same time, I found them on the olive bar at Fresh Market. We also had stuffed banana peppers. 

Some of our favorite accompaniments to the sausage - yummy handmade beer-thyme mustard (a gift from our friend Brooke) and 2 kinds of horseradish. (In case you're wondering Atomic is the truly hot one; the good-n-hot is hot but won't make you pound your fist on the table!)

A few other goodies we tried for the first time and loved: L'Epicuriun Fig and Walnut Confit (a fancy word for jam! super delicious with goat cheese, just like the label says), Edmond Fallel Seed-Style Mustard (nicely balanced with a hint of horseradish-y spiciness) and Stonewall Kitchen Caramelized Onion Mustard (perfect for pretzel dipping). 

Hope you all had a happy New Year's Eve with lots of good eating!


  1. Looks delicious. There was a bottle of wine involved too, right?

  2. We had beer, Velva! My hubs said sausage, mustard and pretzels were crying out for beer instead of wine! We had some nice hoppy options - Dogfish 90 for example - and some holiday special brews including Anchor Christmas and Sierra Nevada Celebration.


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