Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweet Pea Cafe - Review

Our 'localtarian' group of Twitter friends met for dinner Thursday at a vegan restaurant that opened last year, Sweet Pea Cafe. It's a little place that sources many of its ingredients locally and specializes in sandwiches and brunch items. After you order at the counter, your food is delivered to your table. Extra points if you bring your own water glass or coffee mug (or take out container, if your order is to go).
Cute, right? Photo from the restaurant's blog
There are a few tables inside and a large patio with covered seating outside. It was a cool night so I doubled up on my hoodies and wore my coziest scarf and was able to share my scarf with a chilly friend. 
John's photo he tweeted to Paula from dinner (she was in Orlando for work)
clockwise from bottom left - Jenn, Marc, Chris, Britain, Barbara, Jon, Bill, me, Chris, Abe (and Sara)
For dinner, I had a salad and the soup of the day which was Potato Bisque. The salad was great, very fresh with homemade croutons. The soup was warm and cozy and interesting - different from any potato soup I've had before. The secret ingredient may have been tahini. 
my soup and salad
Chris had the Buffalo Fried Tofu (Panko fried tofu tossed in buffalo sauce with lettuce and tomato on multigrain oat bread) with poutine on the side (fries with chz and gravy). The fries are hand-cut and were delicious. Even the gravy and cheese tasted like they should (pretty impressive considering there are no dairy or meat products in either). 
buffalo fried tofu
Chris R had the quesadillas (Cheddar chz in a whole wheat, white, or gluten-free tortilla, w/ salsa & sour crm) with poutine on the side:

Bill had the Reuben (Sautéed tempeh (Artie's- Gainesville, Fl), house ruby sauerkraut, melted mozzarella chz & million island dressing on toasted Rye) and really enjoyed it. He is a big Reuben fan and said that once you let go of the fact that it had no meat that the textures and flavors were really great together. (Sorry no pic of that one but it was pretty with red sauerkraut.)

One of the highlights of the evening (besides the great company) was the amazing carrot cake. It was so good I asked if it was really vegan! Chock full of carrots and raisins - and the slices are giant.
yummmm. photo from the restaurant's facebook page.

Besides encouraging their customers to bring their own cups, Sweet Pea Cafe also composts pretty much all of its garbage. The farm that delivers their produce picks up the compost while they're there! 
My first thought was, "Thomas will love this!" Thanks Abe for the photo!
The owners/chefs were lovely and answered all our questions with patience and good humor. I definitely recommend this not only for our vegan and vegetarian friends but for anyone who wants a good meal in a friendly atmosphere. 

Sweet Pea Cafe 
832 West Tharpe Street
Tallahasseee, FL 32303


  1. Definitely the next best thing to being there, Amy. Thank you so much for the detailed description of your evening there!! It sounds (and looks) amazing!!

  2. Awesome blog! It looks like those vegans make a mean carrot cake. Is it true it was so good you had it for breakfast??

  3. Thanks, Paula! We missed you!

    Thanks, Abe! In my defense I did have a yogurt first before the cake on Friday morning... lol! It was seriously delicious. I hear they make a mean chocolate cake too... definitely worth a return trip to check that out!

  4. Wow, impressive! Makes me sad I never tried that place when I lived in Florida!


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