Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Making our Study a Study

If you've been to our house, you know that we treat the room meant to be our formal dining room as a study. It is chock full of bookcases, books and puzzles. We had a small computer desk that was inevitably covered in what we affectionately call "my crap" - magazines, old mail, pictures, newspaper clippings, office supplies, there it all was. I spared myself and didn't take any "before" pictures.

As a surprise, while his dad was running the Relay in south Florida, Thomas and I put together a new desk and file cabinet for the space (and cleared out all the crap too!). There is a second desk coming that will give us lots of room to spread out and work. 
We put a power strip on the window sill to make it easy to plug in laptops, etc. 
Our next project is to trim the bush outside the window!

The second desk will go right along the wall to the right of the file cabinet.


  1. I have a desk too in our dining / living room....covered with what I LESS than affectionately call "eveyone else's crap." :)Where did you get the desks? They are lovely......

  2. I ordered the desks after seeing them on Pinterest! They are from Martha Stewart Living's craft furniture collection. I had been waiting for a sale and after the holidays they were 20% off plus free shipping.


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