Monday, June 18, 2012

Getting Ready for the Big Bash

We spent last Friday getting ready for Mom's big party Saturday. First the chairs, tables and linens were delivered.

Next we set up the side yard for Friday's family dinner and Saturday's party:

Then John got out his chainsaw and chopped up part of a fallen tree from the back forty. He made two trips with the tractor to bring big chunks over to split for the bonfire.

John (and his helpers, like T, seen here) chopped the wood and organized the kindling.

We eagerly awaited the arrival of our cousins. In the photo below, Helen wanted to ring the bell so Andy lifted her up and gave her a hand. The bell is how we were called in for dinner when we were kids and out playing in the woods. In the background you can see the camper my cousins Megan & Tim rented for the weekend and the blue porta-potty, which we rented, in the front barn/garage.

In addition to the fancy camper, we had 3 families tent camping out on the west side of the barn (this is a few of the tents that were up on Friday afternoon). 

We enjoyed cocktail hour and dinner with family from all over:

Then we had to make sure everyone knew how to play cornhole (even California cousins like Charles, on left) while the kids hunted for frogs by the pond (second photo, below)

Coming soon... party pictures!

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  1. Wow, that was some production! But it looks like everyone had a blast! Can't wait to see more pictures. It was great seeing you even if it was for a blink!:) Hope you guys have a safe trip home!XO


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