Friday, June 29, 2012


When we were at Mom's for her big bash, her brother, Ted, mentioned that he thought one of our ancestors was from Switzerland. Since Ted is the one who sent me all his family history documents, and I thought I had read them all (as best as I can, since some are not in English and google translate only goes so far), I wondered where he got the idea of Switzerland.

After much thought, this is my best bet.
My second great grandfather's birth certificate from Bas Rhin, France
(click to see full size) (see more about him here, here and he's on the far right in this photo)

Loose translation:
Town Hall of Sundhausen, Neighborhood of Schlestadt
The 20th day of the month of November 1842
Birth certificate of Schuller, Jean Jacques of Sundhausen the 19th of November 1842 at 8 o'clock in the evening, the legitimate son of Schuller Georges, age 42 years, profession of laborer, living in Sundhausen and of Busch Marie Elizabeth, age 33, living in Sundhausen, his wife in legitimate marriage.
The child was presented to us, was recognized to be male.
First witness: Beyer Philippe, age 22 years, profession of weaver,
living in Sundhausen department of Bas-Rhin
Second Witness: Schuller Jacques, age 57 years, profession of weaver, 
living in Sundhausen department of Bas-Rhin.
The statement was made by the father of the infant and after reading this have signed (signatures of witnesses at bottom of page)
Signed by the civil servant etc. 

Is this the culprit?

Both witnesses listed this as their profession - tisserand -
which translates to weaver - but looks enough like Switzerland to catch your eye,
especially with de in front giving the impression of 'from' or 'of'

What do you think?

In the meantime, I'll keep looking for Swiss relatives, because as you can see on this map it is near enough to be a serious possibility
The pink section (marked with A) is Bas-Rhin, France. To the east 
and north of the border is Germany (this area has been much disputed).
If you can see the light red boundaries within Bas-Rhin, I believe the
southern-most one is Sundhausen. 

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