Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Twitter Dinner out at Sahara

Our monthly Twitter local food gathering was May 31st at Sahara Greek and Lebanese Cafe. I'll share some food first, and then pictures of friends.
My dinner - Chicken Shawarma and Gyro plate with Greek salad, hummus and pita. I gotta tell you, this is not my favorite combination. The gyro meat is so flavorful in comparison to the chicken that it makes the chicken seem bland, when it really isn't. I recommend eating one then the other. And don't miss the tzatziki sauce, it's really good! 

Abe's Chicken Shawarma with the Greek garlic fries everyone raves about.

Barb's Kufta

The gang (thanks Paula!). We missed Jenn and  Marc (Jenn had to work). #sadface

the gang take 2 (thanks, Paula!)

Bill caught smiling. Nice work, Britain

Our server was very accommodating of all our questions and our different arrival times (some of us were late due to a crazy thunderstorm late Thursday afternoon that knocked down trees and closed Thomasville Road). It was a yummy dinner - many of us are already regulars at this Tallahassee institution but I have a feeling more of us will become regulars after our good experience this week.

Last month I mentioned some places opening soon that we are looking forward to trying. Backwoods Bistro  did not open around June 1st but they're currently hiring so perhaps by July 1. According to Urban Tallahassee, Vertigo Burgers & Fries remains on track for a July 1 opening. Added to our list to visit is Sweet Grass Dairy, which now has a retail shop in Thomasville with beer, wine, snacks and, of course, their wonderful cheese.

Sahara Greek and Lebanese Cafe
1241 East Lafayette Street
Tallahassee, FL 

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  1. I loved this, Amy! Great job of summarizing a fun evening in words and pictures. As I will say every single time, I really don't care if we're eating bread and water as long as I am with such great people. But it's always a bonus to make a great food discovery along the way!


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