Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Electrical Progress!

Not the most exciting thing to look at (or to clean up after) but we had 3 electricians here all day so lots of progress was made. They'll be back in a week or so to do all the finish work.

Here are the new recessed lights. The one directly over the sink will be behind a piece of wood (an apron?) that connects the cabinets to the right and left sides of it. They'll get trim etc. after the ceiling is finished and painted.

There are also 2 new recessed lights in the area that runs on the far side of the island (near the back door)

We also moved a lot of outlets around, including a new 220 line for the double oven. Tomorrow should be exciting as we're expecting a lot more cabinets to appear. Hopefully we'll see countertops Friday, Saturday or Monday. Cross your fingers for us!

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