Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Kitchen Cabinets

Friday we got a lot more cabinets!

This section has been dubbed "the buffet." It's on the far side of the kitchen, and having it there really makes that part of the room feel like it's part of the room.

This is the right side of the buffet. It'll match the left (it's 2 pictures down, below) with glass doors on top, drawer in the middle and solid doors on the bottom. 

This is the center section of the buffet. It'll have a counter top (matching the ones in the rest of the kitchen), drawers on the right and left sides and solid doors in the center. When the electricians were here, they forgot to move the outlet up, so I asked the cabinet guys to leave us access to it inside the cabinet.

This is the left side of the buffet. Like the right, it'll have glass doors on top, drawer in the middle and solid doors on the bottom.

This is the baking area... even though now it looks like the tool storage area! On the left we'll have a lower counter for rolling out dough. Behind that a hidden storage area. Drawer and double solid doors in the center and storage for muffin tins on the far right. In the area where the level and the ladder are we'll have a small beverage fridge. It's now scheduled to be delivered this Wednesday. The counter top will run the whole length of the back wall. 

And here's the last section, with the dishwasher installed. I promise to take the protective cover off the dishwasher once the counter top is in!

The plan for this week:
Monday - countertops installed
Tuesday - gas plumber should be here to install the cooktop in the island
Wednesday - beverage fridge should be delivered
by the end of the week we should also have more cabinets and maybe the double oven out of the box.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I think the whole kitchen is to be reconstructed with marble slab. It will look awesome.


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