Friday, April 30, 2010

Kitchen Progress...

This week's progress so far. We'll have more to share this evening (or at least that's the plan!).

Sunday, Chris installed our new disposal and hooked up all the pipes under the sink. Monday the beverage fridge arrived! Here it is just out of the box:

Also on Monday, Dylan installed the new faucet:

Wow it's nice having running water in the kitchen. Read more about the faucet in this previous post. I have to share that it is awesome and totally works as advertised. It's like magic to just touch the faucet and have the water come on!

Wednesday the electricians came and hooked up the double oven:

Right now the oven is sitting on a temporary box while we decide if it's at the right height. And right now it's perfect for me - the display panel is right at my eye level - but we think it'll look nicer (and still be easy to work / not up too high) if we raise it up 3-4 inches. That'll also put it more in line with the top of the fridge. This whole section will have cabinetry built around it. That's the last part that'll be built.

So far I'm really pleased with the oven, and Thomas loves it. As it preheats it shows the temperature inside the oven on the display... he loves to watch the numbers go up. Even the inside is pretty:

Crazy that it's blue, huh? Little things make me happy. :)

While the electricians were here they also hooked up the outlet for the beverage fridge:

And now it lights up all pretty inside. And chills the beer and wine. It's a victory!

Also on Wednesday afternoon the guys from the city came by and marked up the yard for our gas line.

Soon we'll be cooking with gas!

Today (Friday) we'll get the last of the cabinets... next week doors and drawers... stay tuned!

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