Friday, April 2, 2010

Wine & Beer Fridge

The quest to get a twin for our wine fridge came to an end this morning when I learned (after much googling and a few phone calls) that the model we have was discontinued last year. On to plan B... and really, I should know by now that the more expensive plan is always the better plan. LOL.

Here's plan B:

It's one integrated unit with two cooling zones - one side for beer and beverages, the other for wine. Looks pretty nice under that counter, too, huh? :)

I ordered it this afternoon... hope to see it by the end of next week. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Specs on fridge here.

Fun fact: The company that makes it is based in Findlay, Ohio.
To see where this will live in the kitchen see this post.


  1. so excited to see it... we should have a stock the fridge party

  2. yes, definitely a stocking party!
    sooooo, are you going to sell the one you have? love the dual model.

    this is Marky-Marc's first time viewing your blog. he is super excited.

  3. Welcome, Marky-Marc! Glad you are visiting!

    Yes, Jenn, I think we are going to sell the wine fridge, the old dishwasher and the old fridge. And the old stove. Ok a lot of stuff. I thought I would list them on craigslist and see what happens... unless someone I know wants any of it... ??


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