Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kitchen Project Underway - Cabinets Day 1

Much excitement today at our house as the first of the cabinets were delivered and installed!

(Here's the island. The sides and back are not finished - they'll have door panels covering them and there will be baseboard all around the bottom (including under the "kick" there in the front. This isn't anchored to the floor yet. We're still deciding exactly where it should sit permanently.)

(The section with the sink. Notice I got all the wallpaper taken down! I still need to prime and paint the wall... The space on the left will house the dishwasher.)

(This is the start of the baking center. The rolling area will extend out perpendicularly from the panel on the top left. The space on the right will be home to the wine fridge and a new beer fridge under the counter.)

(The island with a temporary top so we can a. figure out more easily where we want the whole thing to be installed and b. have some work space... which is divine after having almost none for so long!)

(The sink section with the new dishwasher installed and the old counter top and sink set up for temporary use.)

(Close up of the new dishwasher. It still has the protective plastic on the stainless steel but is otherwise hooked up and ready to go.)

Tomorrow we attach the island to the floor, unpack the double oven and see how it looks in the space we have for it, and maybe see some more cabinets. Also, the countertop guy is coming to take the measurements and make templates to cut out the counters. Very exciting. Stay tuned, hope to have more pictures soon!


  1. it happened/is happening! it's an Easter miracle (jk) xoxo -- so exciting!

    hey, do you follow our UGA-AXO
    you know she posts music everyday. yum

  2. I do not!! I will follow today. She should come to FSU to film school... just sayin :) Thanks!!


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