Monday, December 12, 2011

Fun Times in the Madison Area - Tarsitano

In November, hubs and I visited Tarsitano Winery & Cafe in Conneaut, Ohio, about half an hour from Mom's house. It's worth the drive!

This is a family run establishment, and it's a family full of character. One of the servers sang all evening as she went about her business. The restaurant was full (there was even a limo in the gravel parking lot); I was glad I had called ahead for a reservation. We were seated at a table facing the kitchen. The big draw here, in addition to the wine, is the focus on food. Almost everything is made from scratch, including the bread and pasta, and the meats are raised locally and sustainably.

Owners Ken and Kelly Tarsitano in Kitchen at Tarsitano Winery

We started our feast with a Cheese, Olive & Bread plate while we tasted a few wines and chose a bottle of tasty Riesling. The lighting in the restaurant was low and didn't lend itself to taking photos but I did get a shot of my dinner, which was amazing.

sun-dried tomato ravioli in a garlic olive oil sauce with grilled sirloin tip steak

Chris had the Black N Blue Steak which is described on the menu as "(Very HOT) Ken’s Own Special Rub of Hot Chilies and Spices topped with Gorgonzola Cheese; This Rub is not for the faint heated. It will leave you black and blue." Chris agreed and loved the heat (sometimes he is disappointed by food that claims to be spicy but isn't... no disappointment here).

I saved half my dinner for later so I could try the homemade double chocolate cheesecake for dessert. It was delicious - a little denser than I would have made it but overall excellent.

One note - if you are driving from the west, when you get off the I-90 in Kingsville and the GPS says to go straight, it's ok, it's not (just) the on-ramp to continue eastbound, it's also the straightest route to get there. Boy howdy it can be dark at night in the country!

Tarsitano Winery & Cafe
4871 Hatches Corners Rd 
Conneaut, Ohio 44030

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