Thursday, December 1, 2011

This Week's Veggies

We got our first bag of goodies from the farm Wednesday so I thought I would share what was in it!

radishes (red (baby French Breakfast) and daikon), 3 kinds of lettuce (mesclun, baby arugula and spinach), sweet potatoes and Collards.

The radishes were amazing. I ate half of them like candy. The daikon radishes were super tangy, much spicier than the red ones, and a little woodier too (not to mention much smaller than I expected!). We had salads for supper (T ate a whole bowl of spinach before dinner even started) so that was a success as well. We are excited to try the sweet potatoes and chard too.


  1. Mmmmm....I love sweet potatoe fries! Cut into "fry" shape/size, toss will olive oil, spread on baking sheet, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and bake. YUM!

  2. Kenni, we love sweet potato fries! C & T made them "Guy's Big Bite Style" one time - instead of olive oil, bacon fat. I heard they were delish!!


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