Monday, December 19, 2011

Cookie Party 2011 Recap

Lots of fun at our house on Friday evening at our annual cookie party. I am terrible at taking pictures - must be too busy talking and baking but here are a couple.
Madie Rae with her cookies to take home

Chris always decorates one cookie. In the background, Abe enjoys a cup of soup.

We had two waves of guests - first the kids, starting with Abby (we brought her home from school with us) and then the Stewarts, the Lamberts and the rest of the Jacksons (as well as the other Jacksons, our neighbors (Heather and Greg)) all arrived around 4:30. For dinner, we made sloppy Joe's, cheddar chicken chowder and butternut-kale soup. The kids took turns rolling out dough, cutting cookies and then decorating them after they were baked. Just before 7, our adult friends started arriving, including Britain & Chris, Sara & Abe, Tara, Emily, and Jenn & Marc. We enjoyed wine, holiday-themed beers, soup, sandwiches, and more cookie baking! 

Overall we had 22 guests (plus the 3 of us) for a total of 25. I made a quadruple batch of Cheddar Chicken Chowder. That was just about the right amount - there was enough to send home 3 cups with Britain and have about 8 cups leftover for us. I made a single batch of Soup with Squash and Greens (using butternut squash and kale). Sharing a pint with Jenn still left us with 5 cups of leftovers. We also had 6 batches of sloppy Joe's (3 large cans of sauce and 6 pounds of ground meat) which was way too much but it freezes well!

In the cookie department, I followed my advice from last year and made 2 batches of dough for White Velvet Cutouts, 1 for Sour Cream Sugar Cookies and 2 for Cut Butter Cookies. This was just about the right amount. We had a little leftover, but not a lot, and Thomas and I had fun Sunday morning baking and decorating a few cookie-sheets of cookies. 

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