Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 Recap

It was good times at the farm for Thanksgiving as we had 46 for dinner (tying last year's record). We all had a great time, the weather cooperated, and no engineers were required to lay out the plans for the tables (well maybe they were consulted).

Thanks to my brother, Christian, who took the photos this year.

Here are our newest and most senior Thanksgiving guests. On left, baby cousin, Samantha (5 months old), with her Dad, Ed, and on the right, Aunt Lillian, who just celebrated her 87th birthday.

family hug with Uncle John 

welcoming Laurie to the family (she's in the vest; marrying my cousin John, in black, in April).

enjoying the beautiful weather

sitting down to eat; this is one end of the table.

the farthest end of the table (it's shaped like a lower-case h with a long stem).

action shot of eating

relaxing after dinner

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