Thursday, December 29, 2011

Veggies This Week

French breakfast radishes, butternut squash, baby beet greens, Romaine lettuce, spinach and sweet potatoes

The butternuts are from McClellan Organics which is a farm just outside Cairo, GA. Learn more about them here. We have two different varieties of sweet potatoes again this time - the lighter ones are yellow inside instead of the traditional orange.


  1. I think we are "food kin"..
    We have a community garden plot through Orchard Ponds Organic vegetable farm ( Local CSA). When I saw your post I thought she loves local grown food as much as I do-

    I am thinking that I was going o plant Sweet potatoes in late February but, it looks like Cairo Ga, is already harvesting. Must check my calendar again.

    Happy New Year.
    Velva- Tomatoes on the Vine

  2. Velva, thanks for your comments! I agree we are "food kin." I've recently been looking at my family history and I think I come by love of local food genetically - so many of my ancesters were farmers. I don't have a very green thumb but I do grow lots of herbs outside my kitchen door and the occasional tomato and lettuce.

    All my recent veggie posts are from Orchard Pond - we got a half share about 6 weeks ago. Small world!

    We grew sweet potatoes one year in a big pot (my husband's thumb is much greener than mine) - I think we planted them in September and harvested them before the first heavy frost.

    Happy New Year!


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