Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kitchen Layout

Things are not progressing very quickly right now (at least not that we can see) so I thought before I posted more of what the different sections of cabinets will look like that I would share the layout for the whole room.
At the top of the screen is obviously the "eating side" of the kitchen. Along that top wall is the cabinetry I posted here last Saturday. Our kitchen table is in the middle there and on the left I sketched in a couple of chairs, lamps and a little table... that's just an idea... thinking about what to do there and what might fit. On the right hand side there's a window to the back yard and then the back door that leads to the breezeway.

Below that we'll have a line of cabinets, top and bottom that includes the sink and dishwasher. Continuing clockwise, we pass the door to the pantry and then have the built-in double oven and fridge. Next is the door to the formal dining room, which we use as a library and computer room.

The next section of cabinets is the baking area. The first section will be 32 inches high with no cabinets underneath, so it can be used as a desk or as a place to roll out dough (and I won't have to stand on a stool anymore!). Along the adjacent wall we'll have cabinets top and bottom for baking supplies and equipment and our wine and beer fridges.

In our clockwise tour we're to the wide door to the hall and the front entryway and then back to where we started.

In the middle of the room we'll have an island with the cooktop in it and the hood installed above. We'll have seating area with bar stools along one side. (The bar stools are the circles next to the island in the sketch.)

FYI the distances marked along the walls are in general the lengths of those full walls, not the items that sit along them.

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