Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thinking about the Entryway

We have a little alcove in our entryway that is almost five feet across. A little bookshelf used to live there but we're thinking (or rather, Simply Southern suggested) we put something more interesting there. What do you think about a bench like this one from Crate & Barrel?

We have a mirror that hangs on the wall, above the chair rail. Here's a picture that shows the area (before we started this project):

And here's how the space looks now. It's definitely a "during" picture - the floor is done, and the baseboards are painted, but the chair rail, crowning molding and walls still await the paint. To the left is the coat closet and to the right is a little (linen?) closet in the hallway. The space is just about 5 feet wide and about 30 inches deep.

Thoughts? Ideas? 

Thanks in advance!!


  1. aw.. thanks for the shout out.. I still think something like the white cabinet in your current "dinning room" just refinished.. It reminds me of heather F's entry way where she had that great table .. You could put stuff on top.. from a great vase, to a bowl for keys.. etc.. and you could hang a mirror or a piece of art.. oh the possibilities.. You know I love me some crate and barrel

  2. true to both of the above - loved Heather's dresser/entry and love crate and barrel just b/c it exists :)

    xoxo to both of you


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