Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kitchen Project Underway - Appliances Arrive

It's been a back and forth with the appliance delivery. The online tracking said they would arrive on Wednesday, March 17th but when we called, they said that was the day they'd get to the warehouse in Atlanta and that they'd be delivered Thursday, March 25th. Tuesday, March 23rd the delivery company called to say they were coming Tuesday, March 30th. Today at 5:30 we got a call saying the truck was on its way. In the middle of a rainstorm. Oh well, we weren't complaining! It was great to get them finally.

(here's the space we cleared to put the boxes:)

(here's the truck that brought the boxes:)

(and here they all are in the kitchen:)

Going around clockwise, in the front left is the double oven, above that the range hood, way in the back the microwave, then the dishwasher and in front on right the gas cooktop. I put the green painting drop cloth down to keep the water off the floor. some of the boxes were pretty wet!

To see what they'll look like out of the boxes, check out this post from Jan 31st.

Coming next - hoping to have some cabinet installation on Monday and Tuesday. Cross your fingers!

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