Friday, March 12, 2010

Kitchen Project Lighting and Fabrics

B and I had such a great time shopping today for the kitchen. First we went to Tallahassee Lighting, Fan & Blinds to look at light fixtures and options for recessed lighting. Wow there are tons of interesting lights out there (see for example the pineapple light at left). It was fun (and a little overwhelming) to see all the choices.

One of the cool things we learned about are LED recessed lights. Cree makes 6" "cans" that use almost no energy, create no heat and last for 50,000 hours! How amazing (and green) is that? Check them out at

Here are some of the styles I liked for above the kitchen table:

The second one was MUCH prettier in real life - it didn't photograph well at all. The third one is the current favorite. It is a bit elongated with 6 cylindrical glass shades - two on each longer side and 1 on each end. Here is a picture from the manufacturer:

It's from the Hendrik collection by Kichler.

After the lighting victories, we went to Chrysalis Fabrics which was even more fun! We picked out some fabrics we really like. We have 3 projects that need fabric: Roman shades for 3 windows - 2 in the kitchen, the 3rd in the powder room; a cushion for the mudroom bench in the pantry/utility room/laundry room; and I'd like to recover my 5 folding lyre chairs.

Here are the favorites:

(The top one for Roman shades, lower one for cushion. The top is really cute when you can see the whole pattern - it has ferns and butterflies - everything is in shades of blue and green.)

(The top for cushion, middle for lyre chair seats, bottom for Roman shades.)

(Another possibility for the Roman shades... I like the red highlight in it but don't think that's enough to make it "the favorite.")

(And this pic is to see how my 3 favorites look together... not bad!)

This photo from Houzz shows what I picture the Roman shades looking like (shape and style more than the actual fabric):
Burlingame Residence Two traditional dining room


  1. oh so much fun.. i cant wait to start the fabric fun!!! you know that is one of my favorite parts!!!

  2. hubs loves the light fixture - hurray and the 2nd (the bluer one, my favorite) of the striped fabrics for the bench cushion but he's not a fan of the Roman shades. He thinks they look lumpy and grandparent-ish/"old" so for each of the windows I am now thinking a small valance (inside the window frame) with white wooden blinds behind (at least in the bathroom... we rarely need to cover the other windows.) We have 2 inch blinds like these in one of the other bathrooms, in Thomas' room and in the guest room so that would be pretty consistent through the house.

    I love the way the blue and brown herringbone fabric looks with the lyre chairs - I may do another post just on them - they might need to be painted or even restained before I tackle the seats.

  3. oh. nice.. i love the idea of white blinds. I can give you the contact for the blind guy we use at the chapter house.. ill email you.. notsure if it is cheaper than ordering them from home depot or something- just know you have random window sizes

    so exciting that he loves that patter.. i was worried you were going to have grasshoppers.. he he =) you could even have dylan build a wood box that the curtains could fit in. we did that in the down stairs bathroom.. ill send you a pic so you know what i am talking about

  4. - love that herringbone fabric! gorgeous.
    - i want that pineapple lamp, but will just have to enjoy it on this blog as it wouldn't go anywhere in our house (and I think M-M would say no anyway)
    - love the info. about the "green" lights - fantastic. I really wanted to go more "green" in our kitchen, but it costs more and we were under a time crunch :( boooo. I'll keep pushing and hoping for any future house changes to be more friendly!


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