Friday, March 12, 2010

Previewing the Cabinets - Part 3

Next we tackle the baking section. FYI, these pictures don't include the area for rolling out dough (you'll have to imagine that at a right angle to the left hand side of the cabinets.

And here's my drawing:

The top begins on the left with open book shelves. Since the lower section of counter will be 28 inches deep, it would be hard to get into a cabinet up in that corner, hence the shelves. Cabinets on the rest of the top, surrounding the microwave. 

On the bottom left, under the desktop there'll be a hidden cupboard for things we don't use all the time, next to that cabinets and finally 2 small under counter refrigerators - one for beer (which we need to get) and the other for wine (which we already have). The counter will run the whole length including over the little fridges.

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