Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kitchen Project Underway - Day 27

Here is the baseboards/shoe molding update - these went in earlier this week and make the flooring part of the project look complete.

(The entryway:)

(The end of the hallway, between the kitchen and entryway... blue tape on floor because I am still painting the trim.)

(The eating side of the kitchen. Baseboard is up on the back wall temporarily, until the cabinets are ready to be installed.)

(Close up of the shoe molding in the pantry at the bottom of the shelves.)

(Baseboards and molding behind the water heater:)

(And the back door has its trim up!)

Coming this week, more scans & plans for the cabinets!


  1. shoe molding in the pantry is purty :)
    love the lyre chair "peek" - he, he
    I'm sure your carpenter's company (what's the name again, I can't remember?) loves this publicity! Can't wait for him to make it to our house!

  2. Thanks! B & I are going to Chrysalis tomorrow to find some fabric for window treatments and the lyre chairs!

    The official name of the company is Genesis Paint and Wallcovering. Evan has his own firm - it's called Different Strokes LLC.


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