Monday, June 20, 2011

Beach Fun at the Outer Banks

All the ingredients for fun at the beach:

obviously, you need beach

a lifeguard helps

a pool adds to the fun (sorry about the funny angle, blogger is not cooperating)

as does the hot tub

meat must be grilled

 cornhole must be played

T did a great job!

kites are an added bonus

sunrises must be viewed (click to see)
sand structures must be built - coming Tuesday
adventures must be had - coming Wednesday
lighthouses must be explored - coming Thursday
adults night out is a nice bonus - coming Friday
books must be read - next Monday

1 comment:

  1. Comment from Kendra, who was having trouble with blogger:
    I am hoping (since you are in the OBX) that you will be headed to the Wright Brothers Memorial and Jockey's Ridge ?
    Believe me....the dunes at Jockey's ridge are not to be missed. Make sure to wear sandals/shoes if the sun is still out.....the sand gets HOT!


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