Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Weekend at Villano Beach

We spent Friday-Monday of Memorial Day weekend in Villano Beach / St. Augustine, Florida with friends. We loved the house Kellee picked - a great location, easy to find, close to the water and it had a pool. Here's a synopsis of the weekend in photos:
the view from our second floor deck

sunrise Saturday

 Waves... you forget about waves when you're usually at the Gulf of Mexico. Hello Atlantic Ocean!

 you could drive on the beach near our house - T thought that was pretty cool. Saturday the beach was covered with cars; Sunday it was much less busy (as seen here). 
tire tracks on the beach. you can see the red signs marking the edge of the parking area. our place was just past there. 

 signs at the entrance to drive onto the beach (above and below)

 Kellee and Chase

Chase feeling braver

the pool

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